Comme des Garçons is a Japanese fashion label founded 1973 in Paris by Rei Kawakubo.
Comme Des Garçons' approach to perfumery is about designing a new approach to olfaction, with an occasional – and deliberate – overdose. They do not follow the trends of fragrance, but create with audacity, mixing ingredients with raw materials that are rarely used.
Comme Des Garçons is a brand that is uniquely creative – and their perfume embraces the same philosophy of creative audacity. The use of new materials, combined with the exaggerated dosages, allows them the freedom to offer perfumes that are entirely original.
Comme Des Garçons is not interested in shaking up convention simply for the idea of shaking things up, but rather in creating with freedom. They like to leave room for all kinds of concepts and inspirations, and to treat raw materials in innovative ways. Equally, they are very interested in new, synthetic raw materials resulting from laboratory research.