Brand info

HSCPH is a Danish fashion company since 2003, founded and owned by creative head Henriette Steffensen, and behind the sustainable brand Henriette Steffensen Copenhagen. Located north of Copenhagen with the ocean and forest as neighbours the HQ is a place of reflection and focus.Passion and commitment for a sustainable lifestyle, love for creativity and a no waste approach to almost anything, those core values are the drivers of everyday actions and targets. They are incorporated in what we do and why we do it.

With a dedicated approach to simplicity and design, the brand with its wide range of super soft sustainable fleece and jersey designs, keeps it promise of a long-lasting relationship. This has let the brand grow from a smaller passion driven collection to become a serious international brand among contemporary women.
True Fleece is our core product, interpreted in a variation of contemporary classic styles, equally suited for both work and leisure. The designs are flattering, comfortable and versatile, extending its use for the entire day. The composition of our Oeko-Tex® certified fabric with 70% of high-quality polyester fibres, and 30% hard spun viscose, creates the unique softness and fluffiness that is so very characteristic for this brand.