Brand info

Silhouette - Iconic Eyewear made in Austria. Since 1964.

Special aesthetics often arise from the connection of two seemingly opposite poles. This is an art that Silhouette eyewear has always succeeded in achieving: unparalleled lightness through inner strength. To remain true to oneself and in doing so, to continually set new impulses. To create timeless design that also does justice to the spirit of the times.

We produce from tradition in Austria - and have been doing so since 1964. Our production philosophy - with its high standards of craftsmanship and a high proportion of handicraft - corresponds to that of a manufactory. This is how unmistakable glasses are created, which surprise repeatedly with their innovations and uniqueness. Excellent design and high-quality materials create a creative clarity that expresses what makes the wearer of a Silhouette what he is: his individuality.