Brand Info

WEER is a sustainable, future thinking brand for strong, powerful and independent women. The brand is based on utility and workwear pieces infused with femininity. The look of workwear is timeless and is still relevant and not based on short-lived trends.

Usually, workwear is associated with heavy cotton, indigo denim, waxed cotton etc. I like to play with contrasts and opposites. E.g. stiff versus fluid fabrics, masculinity versus femininity, very clear almost geometrical lines versus handmade crochet pieces. As an example, we integrate Swiss lace in the workwear jacket which are leftover fabrics from Swiss lace company Forster Rohner and Jakob Schläpfer. Lace is usually seen as feminine and thus gives the workwear a feminine and high-end twist. Also, we have crochet pieces in the collection which are all handmade.