Brand info

Neutrogena® is part of the Johnson & Johnson Group and has stood for high-quality face and body care for 90 years. Popular care lines such as the Norwegian formula and the Hydro Boost series have been daily companions of women worldwide for years. Also this year we can look forward to some new launches from Neutrogena®. In May, the Hydro Boost series was relaunched and now includes six products which provide intensive moisture thanks to the Power Duo Hyaluron and Trehalose. The new Hydro Boost Revitalising Booster with antioxidants stimulates the skin's own production of hyaluronic acid and plumps up the skin from within. In June there will be the launch of  Curcuma Clear, a new skin care line that soothes sensitive skin and gently combats impurities. Three new products with skin-friendly turmeric make the skin feel smooth and give it that special fresh kick. Soon, two new Neutrogena® eye masks will also be available for a refreshed and awake eye area.